Presentation for the 7th Annual
Convention of the
Media Ecology Association
Prologues to Exploration
June 8–11, 2006
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts


Keynote Address:

Denise Schmandt-Besserat

Featured Speakers:

Elizabeth L. Eisenstein
Howard Rheingold

Terence P. Moran
Robert K. Logan
Gary Gumpert
Susan J. Drucker
Andrew Rasiej

I would quickly like to read an extremely condensed version of my proposal “Re-Configuring the Global Organisms’ Operating System Through Mobile Democracy” and I’ll be giving away copies of the full version:

My vision is to virtually manifest all known systems of the offline world and depict them on the Internet through various multi-media projections (eventually simulators containing multi-layered mappings of knowledge and statistics from all fields) with the capability of having multiple millions of persons to study the simulations and determine possible improvements to exchange, vote on, and implement to influence the offline world through these collaborations.

The intention being to develop this towards the direction of a technologically democratic infrastructure and converging this simulation technology with mobile technology where open source intelligence and public collective intelligence is exchanged and applied, moving us closer to a direct influence on the shaping of our psycho-social environments, economic designs, policies, and beyond.

Through whole world simulations or (multi-layered knowledge mappings combined with dreams for the future) and mobile devices with the power to exchange new media with higher intelligence from a more diversely organized spectrum, we can reshape and govern all systems on a mobile democracy scale.

The aim is a greater understanding of the processes that have manifested the current world status thru the organizing of the fragments that form the whole of society, making the necessary bridging, connections, and partnerships to produce a higher order of communities. This gaining of a higher degree of awareness mixed with community can provide a means that can hopefully move us closer to a fuller life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

I did a presentation for my proposal this passed January in the Washington D.C. area for the Information Operations conference on Open Source Intelligence and Peacekeeping Intelligence attended by military intelligence personnel, former CIA officers, and representatives from software companies. At that conference I was told that my concepts were the future in 15 years. I would like to see this in no more than 10.

I think we are in an age of re-arrangement and my proposal is meant as a catalyst and guidance framework for this re-arrangement.

My ideas are meant to become a social glue and an instigator of cohesion to provoke online/offline worlds to converge to form a symbiotic relationship where each feeds off the other and grows each other in the process.

The ideas emerged from me before the public unveiling of the online simulation platform, Second Life, and before Google Earth and the so-called “mash-up” websites.

This has given me an excitement that I am aware of something potentially huge.

The online world and the social atmospheres many of us share are places to upload ideas and virtually exercise ideals…simulating desired realities through the “multi-medias” of voice, vivid imagery, and animation.

I think the future is to network networks. All of us are all affiliated with multiple networks, multiple communities, and multiple groups.

None of us are fully aware of all the interrelations between networks, communities, and groups. We think and act without this awareness and I think this is the area where my series of ideas come into play.

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(I’m not sure how familiar you all are with the software depicted on screen, but if these joined forces, an extraordinary platform emerges).

Some key points in my proposal:

+Forming “Visionary Cells” that form into Citizen Intelligence Networks (CIN’s).
What I used to call the Citizen Intelligence Agency or CIA 2.0 then I ran into Robert Steele whose a former CIA agent who now runs and we came up with CIN.

+Merging the online and offline worlds by making historic content easily available from street level, accessible thru mobile devices. In addition to this, having an infrastructure where people can then add their input, forming an archive of ideas, and proposals for neighborhood development

+When these ideas become interconnected, organized, and positioned into simulations, a new structure can be depicted of neighborhoods, systems, and as people see their ideas in action we can update our ideas and develop them as we go thru this collective intelligence process and these are the beginning phases of what I call “Mobile Democracy.”

+This is working to produce a more inclusive media ecology. And when I think of media ecology I think of the term psycho-geography and the reshaping of public spaces, or the reshaping of the psycho-geography.

I’d like to mention some key points currently in action on the planet related to Re-Configure ideas aside from what’s currently on screen:

“Governing our bodies and our bodies of knowledge
to govern the global body.”

+South Koreas Ministry of information and communications plan to develop a piece of real estate into what they are calling a “Mobile Paradise.”

+Philadelphia’s plans to install wi-fi throughout the city

+A mall in Long Island NY with large video displays, I suppose leading towards what I call a more intimate indoor version of Times Square…unfortunately we have top bidders winning out the space like Coca-Cola. So getting new ideas into this indoor version of Times Square to me is necessary to avoid allowing mind numbing corporate redundancy to dominate the psycho-geography.

+Virtual properties are being sold for thousands of dollars (article 1 + article 2)

+Mash up websites using GoogleMaps and statistics are proliferating

+The Publication out of England called the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation

+The Emergent Collective Intelligence Computer Science Dept. at Free University in Amsterdam

+New 3-D Plasma and Laser Convergence Technology from Japan

+Japan’s Mobile Intelligence Conference

+Portable Immersive Media Theater

+In Spain, there has been a wide renaming and reshaping of anything related to the Franco regime and on a more local comical note, a group in Cambridge is getting the public involved in a campaign to rename parts of the city then publish and distribute a map of these changes. As I wrote to them recently, I hope this leads to shaping in ways far beyond names.

+And lastly, to throw in what is for me a significant example of public collective intelligence is the 9/11 citizens’ commission or what’s been called the o-mission report. Citizens coming together to compensate for government neglect and making significant influences in stimulating more critical research regarding the official government claims. I would love to see a simulation of all the 9/11 research play out in a virtual real time sequence

I have online a wealth of related projects and groups posted HERE

“Mind over Media, Media over Matter”
media - dia + gnosis = diagnosis
+ media = media diagnosis

Like engravings or inscriptions into clay, I would find it extremely useful to “inscribe” the physical spaces, surroundings, and materials with the seemingly intangible that is background knowledge and future proposals.

Making the background come alive into the foreground and intensifying the foreground’s potential. To make knowledge available from the topographic world. For the psycho-geography and media ecology to speak the multi-layered language that is already present all the time. (Of the who, what, how, and why that was involved in how things came to become what they are now).

The idea being to eliminate the distance between the virtual world and material world just like the relation between mind and body.

Making knowledge accessible from the material world of buildings, billboards, sculpture, automobiles, clothing, etc. By making available through mobile devices, the historic occurrences throughout cities and information on the operations and interconnectedness of businesses, government agencies, and the overlooked aspects of how systems operate.

Having a less oblivious and more alert public traveling through a more disclosed matrix that is not dominated by output exposure but is designed with input influence that makes its mark deep.

I’m calling for the potential opportunities and perspectives at street level to be respected and cultivated.

For the urban geography to move from a one way broadcast to a multifaceted techno-conversation. Where the human-net and the internet are entwined.

The information in formations & formation's in-formation (=animation)

Pent up thoughts without proper outlets can produce the depressed, the insane, the violent, the hateful, and the destructive. Those concerned about the health of populations will voice the need to monitor and provide outlets for freedoms to be exercised and taken into consideration.

For the public to have the opportunities to directly and immediately state how we would like to see the business of government operate from the local to national level and to have that input archived and available to others and for that to be built upon day after day and seriously considered for use into how government operations are conducted.

I think if people are given these chances to function in this way they/we will take full advantage of this and surprise the hell out of those who think low of the potential of the overall public mind to come alive collectively.

I feel deeply affected by media that is not interactive, like an isolated target as well as a clone in a general audience, and if I did interact with media that is not designed for interactivity I would be arrested and fined for vandalism.

The power of media to influence hundreds of millions of people is performed by a small group of people by comparison. The hundreds of millions of people currently cannot exercise the same degree of swiftness that the dominant media performers can, yet there are multiple millions of people who have much to say about what they intake from media.

I’m calling for us to contribute to the production of multi-layered information ecologies that are manifested as simulations, as environments we can travel through, seeing the processes, seeing the people involved and getting closest to seeing the direction of where all this might be going and to share the burdens of newfound freedoms.

I realize that my thrust of theory has not addressed the serious concern of business as usual feeding off of overworked, distracted, and as the philosophic comedian Bill Hicks would say the “apathetic, docile masses” to where everything I have been presenting would be nothing more than an advanced series of tools for old boy networks of crony-criminal capitalists to tighten dominance to a more effective degree.

Perhaps we’re at a crossroads or a phase in social evolution where there’s a greater chance for international and regional democracies to be redefined and authenticated as well as the chance for that to never emerge. That mystery perhaps resides on the battlefield simulators of the current version of “multi-minded ecologies” and our drive of vision and persistence.

-Jason "JZ" Liszkiewicz
peopleoverprofits [at]